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Web Design

So, who am I and what do I do?

I am a website designer. I make the website look and function the way you want it to. I also help you with any problems in the future and make any changes you want me to.

Most of my clients are small businesses and ministries that want a web presence, but don’t want to take care of it themselves. I do most of my business through email. The questions I usually ask are:

  • Have you purchased a domain name?
  • Do you have a hosting service?
  • Do you know how to login to these accounts?
  • What do you want it to look like (colors, layout, menu items/pages, any website you’ve seen that you liked, etc.)
  • Can you send me any photos, logos, business card, etc. I will need to put on the website?
  • Do you need an email address for this domain?
  • Do you want the email address forwarded to another email or do you want to use Outlook or something on your computer to connect to it? (Webmail is provided with your hosting service if you want an email address)
  • Do you want to make the changes to it or do you want me to?

Once I know the answer to those questions, I will quote you a very reasonable price!

My experience…
I have been doing websites for since 1999 – once for a company that employed me and many times for ministries and small businesses that asked me to help them. On the home page, you will see some of my current websites. You can click on any of those images to see the actual website. I spend many hours a day designing and updating websites; reading the latest news on website design and search engine optimization; and thinking…thinking about how I can make the web a better place for our businesses and ministries to reach more people!

Contact Sandi Whisenant at 214-680-1124 to talk about your website needs.