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A domain name is the URL or website address that people will type into their browser’s address bar to find your website – such as my domain name, whizweb.net. Your name has to be registered with a domain registrar in order to use it. I usually recommend that people register their domain name at www.godaddy.com. But you will find many other domain registrars available by doing a search of domain registrars. I prefer to keep my domain names registered at one company and my hosting at another company. It’s much easier to change your hosting than it is to change your domain registrar. How much does it cost? It usually costs between $10-15 per year. You can choose to register for any length of time you like, but I usually recommend one to two years and decline any other add-on costs they recommend along the sign-up process. They will send you an email notice when it is time to renew and may offer you a discount to renew early and then you can see how your business is going and if renew if you like. Be aware, that if you let your domain name expire, you may not get that name back at a later date. Someone else may choose to register that name.

Registering the name is easy, but finding a name needs to take some thought and research. When you go to GoDaddy’s website, the first thing you can do is type in some URLs that you might want to use and see if they are available. They provide a big box on the home page where you can type some URLs. .com, .net, and .org are the most widely used. COM & NET are usually for businesses and ORG are for non-profits and ministries. When you type in a name – they will show you many options. So when you’re ready to buy your name, be sure to double check that you are selecting the name you want and make sure you’ve spelled it correctly. If the name of your company or ministry isn’t available, they give you some other options you might consider. You might also consider adding word to the name that tell what you do. Such as, if your company’s name is Al’s Painting and your work in the Seattle area, you might want to choose the domain name alpaintsseattle.com or alspaintingseattle.com because alspainting may not be available. Since painting is what you do, having painting in the name helps search engines find your website, and since Seattle is where you are, many people might search using the words painting seattle.

You will need an email address and credit card and they will ask you to set up a password during the registration process. After completing the registration, they will send you an email with your account information and receipt of your purchase. Keep this information in a safe location because you will need it to renew your domain or to make any changes to your account. Whomever designs your website will also need to access your account to change some numbers so that the website will be visible unless you can change those numbers for them. Please contact me if you would like me to help you through the domain name registering process.

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